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Hello, I'm Corrine

Committed to helping parents

who know there is a better way to communicate

and want to create a healthy, happy and vibrant family ecosystem.






I started my career in the classroom. After ten years teaching elementary school-aged children and the birth, babyhood, and toddlerhood of my own three, including twin boys, I was looking to make a change. My husband and I were sleep-deprived, tense, and constantly juggling, trying to meet the emotional needs of our children, keep our home order, and still manage to care for ourselves, our relationship, and our careers. We NEEDED a change- some way to help support our family through the challenges of parenting and maybe someday even help me in the classroom as well. 


My husband and I took the workshop together and it became our regular date night for those 8 weeks. We got a sitter and stopped for food afterward to review- we were both hooked. P.E.T. offered us insight and showed how monumental just minor changes could be for our family. We could approach conflict knowing that we could find solutions that met everyone’s needs. Because we could support their socio-emotional health, we could form stronger and more meaningful relationships with our children. As a result, we could take better care of ourselves, of our personal relationships, and of our home life in general. This was a life-changing time for our family, and especially for me.

I was and am still so impassioned by P.E.T and Dr. Gordon’s communication philosophies that I decided to become involved. I took more classes based on the Gordon model of parent communication and in October 2019, I became certified to teach Parent Effectiveness Training.


As a teacher and a mother, I am uniquely positioned to understand the challenges we face parenting our children effectively. It is my goal to share these philosophies with you in order to help you become a better, more confident communicator. I want you to be able to more confidently support your children’s socio-emotional health. I want you to have deeper and more empathic relationships with those you love.


Parent Effectiveness Training and Dr. Gordon’s model of communication has changed my life. I can’t wait to work with you and to share that success.  

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