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Committed to helping parents

who know there is a better way to communicate

and want to create a healthy, happy and vibrant family ecosystem.



Dude, Chapter 10 was mind-blowing! I’m so grateful for you and that you decided to become a P.E.T. instructor and that I decided to read the book for the book club. Thank you! It has been very reflective for me I’m doing a lot of thinking about my own childhood. 

— long time friend & Mom of two

8 weeks to a calmer home

Let me help you strengthen your relationships and build a happier home for you and your family

Parent Effectiveness Training continues to help me improve my relationships with family. Founded byDr. Thomas Gordon in 1962, the P.E.T. course is an 8-week group parenting class that teach you proven communication skills that encourage you to build a respectful, compassionate relationship with your children.

By listening with understanding, preventing problems proactively, communicating assertively and honestly, and resolving conflicts while respecting the needs of all,  you and your children will enjoy a stronger relationship with each other. 


I look forward to working with you! 



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Confident PET Parents

Wonder what you will say?

Parents with Newborn Baby

Elise, Mom of two

provided me with self-awareness into the ways my upbringing has affected the way I unconsciously parent my kids with useful and relatable examples


Kate, Mom of two

Corrine was a wonderful course leader—honest and encouraging. She welcomed us to talk about our own parenting past and present, and provided a safe space to really dig into our struggles. The fact that she could illustrate with examples from her own life with children, who are the same age as mine, was very helpful. 

Father and Son

Yuhang, Dad of one

I was excited from the very first of our sessions. I am also equipped with a new lens to look through things and have better self-awareness.

“Parents can raise children who are responsible, self-disciplined, and cooperative without relying on the weapon of fear; they can learn how to influence children to behave out of genuine consideration for the needs of parents rather than out of fear of punishment or withdrawal of privileges.”

- Dr. Thomas Gordon

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