​I'm Cory and I'm a mother and educator. Parent Effectiveness Training continues to help me improve my relationships with family. Founded by Dr. Thomas Gordon in 1962, the P.E.T. course is an 8 week group parenting classes that teach you proven communication skills that encourage you to build a respectful, compassionate relationship with your children.

By listening with understanding, preventing problems proactively, communicating assertively and honestly, and resolving conflicts while respecting the needs of all,  you and your children will enjoy a stronger relationship with each other. 

Based in the Southern California, I am only available to facilitate PET Book Clubs while we are not able to get together. In the future, I am looking at conducting classes in an outdoor spaces. My events page will have all my upcoming and current work. 


I look forward to working with you! 

“Parents can raise children who are responsible, self-disciplined, and cooperative without relying on the weapon of fear; they can learn how to influence children to behave out of genuine consideration for the needs of parents rather than out of fear of punishment or withdrawal of privileges.” - Dr. Thomas Gordon, 

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